Bahamas BAH v CAY Cayman IslandsStanford 20/20 2006 • Coolidge Cricket Ground, Coolidge — 10 July 2006

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Cayman IslandsWinner
4/175 1st innings

SC Gordonc Weakley b GM Armstrong1821-2085.71
AE Hallc Bennett b GM Armstrong211-0018.18
SA Mohamednot out6448-90133.33
PI Bestc LI Armstrong b Blair7440-93185
F Hindsc GM Armstrong b Blair01-000
KD Irvingnot out00-00-
Did not batKG Tulloch, M Wight, KF Bazil, J Linton, C Wright
Extras17 (11w, 6lb)
Total4/175 (20 overs, 8.75rpo)
ON Levy402506.251-1340
GM Armstrong402225.52-1310
DG Weakley4032082-940
NH Ekanayake403408.51-731
GO Blair30392131-561
VK Bennett1017017--021

9/118 2nd innings

D Morrisonlbw b Tulloch13-0033.33
NH Ekanayakerun out (Tulloch)76-10116.66
GO Blairc Wright b Tulloch07-000
DG Weakleylbw b Tulloch108-11125
LI Armstrongnot out4048-1283.33
WN Atkinsonb Tulloch01-000
ON Levyst †Hall b Mohamed1923-1082.6
ML Fordc Gordon b Hinds2514-22178.57
GM Armstrongb Mohamed14-0025
JR Barryc Wright b Tulloch25-0040
VK Bennettnot out11-00100
Extras12 (11w, 6lb)
Total9/118 (20 overs, 5.9rpo)
KG Tulloch402155.251-1411
C Wright402205.51-1712
M Wight20904.5--400
F Hinds301515--1020
KF Bazil302809.33--822
SA Mohamed401323.25--1300
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