New South Wales NSW v SA South AustraliaKFC Twenty20 2006-07 • No. 1 Sports Ground, Newcastle — 07 January 2007

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South AustraliaWinner
9/150 1st innings

DJ Harrisc †Haddin b Lang26161950162.5
CJ Fergusonc Thornely b Lang033000
GA Manouc Katich b Christian43425650102.38
MJ Cosgroveb Thornely1012151083.33
NT Adcockc †Haddin b Thornely011000
KJ Skewesrun out (Katich)1330033.33
DS Lehmannc Thornely b Christian33272611122.22
RJ Harrisc Katich b O'Brien1481111175
TP Kellyb O'Brien011000
DJ Cullennot out4650066.66
GD Putlandnot out44300100
Extras15 (7w, 6nb, 2lb)
Total9/150 (20 overs, 7.5rpo)
TE Lang402626.51----
SJ Coyte3033011-2---
DT Christian4036292----
DJ Thornely402125.25-----
AW O'Brien402325.75-1---
AG Johns10909-----

New South Wales
9/142 2nd innings

EJM Cowanc †Manou b Adcock25233130108.69
PA Jaquesc Adcock b RJ Harris1214142085.71
SJ Coytec Cullen b Adcock3980033.33
BJ Haddinc Skewes b Cullen22172102129.41
DT Christianc †Manou b Adcock041000
DA Warnerc Kelly b Cullen26202830130
DJ Thornelyc & b Cullen4550080
SM Katichnot out27202440135
AW O'Brienc Cullen b Cosgrove75310140
TE Langrun out (Kelly)1370033.33
AG Johnsnot out015000
Extras15 (7w, 6nb, 2lb)
Total9/142 (20 overs, 7.1rpo)
RJ Harris40912.25-----
GD Putland1.201007.51----
TP Kelly3.403509.54-1---
NT Adcock401934.75-----
DS Lehmann10808-----
DJ Cullen402736.75-----
MJ Cosgrove2022111-----
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