Otago Volts OTA v CEN Central StagsNew Zealand Domestic Twenty20 2005-06 • University Oval, Dunedin — 26 January 2006

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Otago Volts
4/219 1st innings

CB Gaffaneyb Diamanti1015769162177.19
CD Cummingc Griggs b Diamanti912181075
JW Sheedc Griggs b Taylor37202132185
NL McCullumc How b Hefford52283453185.71
NT Broomnot out63710200
IJL Trottnot out11100100
Did not batGJ Hopkins, WC McSkimming, AJ Redmond, GS Shaw, BE Scott
Extras13 (1w, 2nb, 4lb, 6b)
Total4/219 (20 overs, 10.95rpo)
MJ Mason402606.5-----
BE Hefford4046111.5-1---
BJ Diamanti403829.5-----
EP Thompson403609-----
LRPL Taylor3046115.331----
GEF Barnett1017017-----

Central StagsWinner
4/220 2nd innings

JM Hownot out745379101139.62
MS Sinclairc Trott b Shaw55910100
LRPL Taylorb Scott66222295300
JDP Oramc McCullum b Broom129820133.33
JI Englefieldc McSkimming b Shaw34212221161.9
EP Thompsonnot out35140060
Did not batGEF Barnett, BJ Diamanti, BBJ Griggs, BE Hefford, MJ Mason
Extras26 (1w, 2nb, 4lb, 6b)
Total4/220 (19 overs, 11.57rpo)
WC McSkimming3035011.664----
GS Shaw4059214.753----
BE Scott4053113.2521---
IJL Trott403709.25-----
NT Broom403318.25-----
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