South Australia SA v WA Western AustraliaAustralian Twenty20 Competition 2005-06 • Adelaide Oval, Adelaide — 10 January 2006

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Western AustraliaWinner
6/174 1st innings

RJ Campbellc Deitz b Cullen55373962148.64
L Ronchic Borgas b Kelly2350066.66
LA Pomersbachrun out (Lehmann)29243231120.83
AC Vogesc Tait b Cleary45272814166.66
SE Marshc Borgas b Cullen51050050
CJL Rogersb Tait16131710123.07
PC Worthingtonnot out66600100
DC Bandynot out002000
Did not batB Casson, BM Edmondson, SJ Magoffin
Extras16 (5w, 5lb, 6b)
Total6/174 (20 overs, 8.7rpo)
MF Cleary4041110.25-----
TP Kelly312016.66-----
MJ Cosgrove10140141----
SW Tait403518.752----
KJ Skewes201708.5-----
DJ Cullen301424.661----
DS Lehmann302207.331----

South Australia
10/120 2nd innings

DS Lehmannrun out (Worthington)1670016.66
GA Manoub Magoffin011000
MJ Cosgroveb Edmondson1519271078.94
CJ Fergusonc Bandy b Magoffin109820111.11
CJ Borgasc Bandy b Edmondson1450025
KJ Skewesb Campbell33253531132
SA Deitzb Bandy26201621130
MF Clearyc Worthington b Bandy011000
TP Kellyst †Ronchi b Campbell33400100
DJ Cullenb Voges1015110066.66
SW Taitnot out148711175
Extras7 (5w, 5lb, 6b)
Total10/120 (18.3 overs, 6.48rpo)
SJ Magoffin301525-----
BM Edmondson401523.751----
PC Worthington201507.5-----
B Casson201608-----
DC Bandy402626.51----
RJ Campbell302628.66-----
AC Voges0.30214-----
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