Nottinghamshire Outlaws NOT v DER Derbyshire FalconsTwenty20 Cup (England) 2006 • Trent Bridge, Nottingham — 10 July 2006

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Derbyshire Falcons
6/141 1st innings

MJ Di Venutoc Hussey b Swann53415580129.26
SD Stubbingsc Swann b Sidebottom1214152085.71
GG Waggc Smith b Clough1924282079.16
DJ Pipec Swann b Clough16131601123.07
MJ Northc Hussey b Swann3570060
CR Taylornot out610130060
Hasan Adnanc Patel b Franks23131240176.92
Did not batKJ Dean, AKD Gray, ID Hunter, G Welch
Extras9 (4w, 5lb)
Total6/141 (20 overs, 7.05rpo)
AJ Harris3027091----
RJ Sidebottom301715.661----
MA Ealham401904.75-----
GP Swann402325.751----
GD Clough403328.25-----
PJ Franks201718.51----

Nottinghamshire OutlawsWinner
1/142 2nd innings

GP Swannc Hassan Adnan b Wagg20101250200
SP Flemingnot out64475263136.17
SR Patelnot out53383953139.47
Did not batDJ Hussey, GD Clough, MA Ealham, PJ Franks, AJ Harris, CMW Read, RJ Sidebottom, WR Smith
Extras5 (4w, 5lb)
Total1/142 (15.5 overs, 8.96rpo)
GG Wagg201718.5-----
ID Hunter30330111----
G Welch2.5031010.94-----
KJ Dean201708.5-----
AKD Gray402305.75-----
MJ North201708.5-----
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