Middlesex Panthers MID v SUS Sussex SharksTwenty20 Cup (England) 2006 • Old Deer Park, Richmond — 01 July 2006

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Middlesex Panthers
10/108 1st innings

OA Shahb Yasir Arafat4660066.66
ET Smithc Goodwin b Yasir Arafat911132081.81
JWM Dalrymplec & b Mushtaq Ahmed20193030105.26
SB Styrisc †Prior b Wright24201630120
EJG Morganc †Prior b Mushtaq Ahmed18172011105.88
NRD Comptonc †Prior b Wright55400100
PN Weekesrun out26100033.33
BJM Scottnot out19141611135.71
J Louwc †Prior b Yardy010000
CT Peploec Nash b Yardy020000
CEW Silverwoodc †Prior b Martin-Jenkins3890037.5
Extras4 (2nb, 2lb)
Total10/108 (18 overs, 6rpo)
RSC Martin-Jenkins402917.25-----
Yasir Arafat301625.33-1---
LJ Wright402626.5-----
Mushtaq Ahmed402025-----
MH Yardy301525-----

Sussex SharksWinner
1/111 2nd innings

MW Goodwinnot out674345111155.81
MJ Priorlbw b Silverwood19141640135.71
CD Nashnot out1720283085
Did not batCJ Adams, CD Hopkinson, RSC Martin-Jenkins, LJ Wright, MH Yardy, Mushtaq Ahmed, Yasir Arafat, SA Heather
Extras8 (2nb, 2lb)
Total1/111 (12.4 overs, 8.76rpo)
CEW Silverwood412215.5-----
J Louw3030010-1---
JWM Dalrymple302207.33-----
SB Styris201708.5-----
CT Peploe0.4015022.51----
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