Bangladesh Women BAN-W v AUS-W Australia WomenAustralia Women in Bangladesh T20I Series 2023/24 2024 • Shere Bangla National Stadium, Dhaka — 04 April 2024

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Australia WomenWinner
6/155 1st innings

AJ Healyc Shorna Akter b Nahida Akter45293162155.17
BL Mooneyst †Nigar Sultana b Shorifa Khatun1013221076.92
EA Perryc Marufa Akter b Nahida Akter811170072.72
A Gardnerc Ritu Moni b Nahida Akter1621171076.19
TM McGrathnot out43293522148.27
G Warehamst †Nigar Sultana b Rabeya Khan4670066.66
GM Harrisrun out (Ritu Moni/†Nigar Sultana)19111921172.72
Did not batML Schutt, S Molineux, A Sutherland, TJ Vlaeminck
Extras10 (3w, 1lb, 6b)
Total6/155 (20 overs, 7.75rpo)
M Akter201507.51-420
Shorifa Khatun3031110.331-722
Fariha Trisna403308.25--1013
Nahida Akter403137.75--740
Rabeya Khan401914.75--600
Fahima Khatun301906.33--930

Bangladesh Women
10/78 2nd innings

Dilara Akterc †Healy b Gardner1218361066.66
Murshida Khatunc Perry b Schutt1240050
Ritu Monic Mooney b Vlaeminck1011122090.9
Shorna Akterc Molineux b Perry034000
Fahima Khatunc Wareham b Vlaeminck1116281068.75
Rabeya Khanb Wareham1740014.28
Nigar Sultanab Wareham32314050103.22
Shorifa Khatunlbw b Vlaeminck022000
Nahida Akterlbw b Molineux1660016.66
M Akterc Vlaeminck b Sutherland056000
Fariha Trisnanot out28150025
Extras8 (3w, 1lb, 6b)
Total10/78 (18.1 overs, 4.29rpo)
ML Schutt201316.51-620
TJ Vlaeminck4012331-1810
EA Perry208141-810
A Gardner10414--300
G Wareham1.10120.85--600
S Molineux401513.75--1720
A Sutherland402115.251-1330
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