Ghana Ghana v LEONE Sierra LeoneWest Africa Trophy 2023 • Tafawa Balewa Square Cricket Oval, Lagos — 15 October 2023

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10/72 1st innings

R Bakumb Ngegba183300054.54
SK Awiahc †Bangura b Sesay31200025
Kelvin Awalarun out (Kpaka/†Bangura)55000100
Obed Harveyc †Bangura b Sesay1200050
TK Josephb Sesay010000
M Aboagyec Coker b Ngegba91701052.94
DK Anefiec Bah b Ngegba1919012100
G Bakiweyemc Coker b Kamara2700028.57
KS Bagabenanot out5900055.55
Syed Aqeel Israrb Kamara22000100
Aziz Sualleyb Kamara1200050
Extras7 (6w, 1lb)
Total10/72 (18.1 overs, 3.96rpo)
Samuel Conteh411002.52-000
George Sesay402135.254-000
Raymond Coker411203--000
George Ngegba402035--000
I Kamara1.10433.42--000
M Kpaka10404--000

Sierra LeoneWinner
4/73 2nd innings

Alusine Turayb Bagabena111300184.61
I Kamararetired hurt31000030
Raymond Cokerb Harvey41500026.66
George Ngegbanot out293502082.85
J Bangurab Anefie111900057.89
George Sesayb Syed Aqeel Israr010000
L Laminnot out91500060
Did not batAruna Kainessie, M Kpaka, Chernoh Bah, Samuel Conteh
Extras6 (6w, 1lb)
Total4/73 (18 overs, 4.05rpo)
G Bakiweyem10110111-000
KS Bagabena31812.661-000
R Bakum3012041-000
Obed Harvey30612--000
M Aboagye2012061-000
DK Anefie301113.662-000
Syed Aqeel Israr301314.33--000
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