Germany GER v JER JerseyICC Men's T20 World Cup Europe Region Qualifier 2023 • Grange Cricket Club, Edinburgh — 25 July 2023

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5/190 1st innings

H Carlyonc Klein b Sahir Naqash91501060
Nick Greenwoodnot out86560101153.57
JW Jennerc Faisal Mubashir b van Heerden4624053191.66
Charlie Brennanc Sahir Naqash b van Heerden1612001133.33
Asa Tribec Ganesan b Sahir Naqash1300033.33
B Wardretired not out64010150
J Sumerauerc Bharathi b Sahir Naqash137020185.71
Did not batCW Perchard, DG Blampied, EJB Miles, Josh Lawrenson
Extras13 (10w, 1nb, 2lb)
Total5/190 (20 overs, 9.5rpo)
D Klein402706.751-000
Ghulam Ahmadi2022011--000
Muslim Yar403107.751-000
Sahir Naqash403739.252-000
Sri Bharathi1013013--000
Dylan Blignaut1017017--000
J van Heerden4041210.2521000

8/139 2nd innings

MJ Richardsonb Sumerauer5900055.55
J van Heerdenc Sumerauer b Perchard192003095
Muslim Yarc Perchard b Sumerauer1411010127.27
Sahir Naqashc Lawrenson b Miles010000
Faisal Mubashirnot out5750080114
H Singhc Carlyon b Sumerauer1513001115.38
Dylan Blignautc Blampied b Sumerauer1200050
D Kleinc Lawrenson b Blampied2400050
V Ganesanc Sumerauer b Perchard1110010110
Ghulam Ahmadinot out010000
Did not batSri Bharathi
Extras15 (10w, 1nb, 2lb)
Total8/139 (20 overs, 6.95rpo)
EJB Miles401914.75--000
H Carlyon201708.51-000
J Sumerauer402245.5--000
CW Perchard402927.251-000
DG Blampied3031110.33-1000
Nick Greenwood3012041-000
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