New Zealand Women NZL-W v BAN-W Bangladesh WomenBangladesh Women in New Zealand T20I Series 2022/23 2022 • Hagley Oval, Christchurch — 02 December 2022

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New Zealand WomenWinner
3/164 1st innings

SFM Devinec †Nigar Sultana b Jahanara Alam45344860132.35
SW Batesc Salma Khatun b Nahida Akter41334140124.24
AC Kerrc Fahima Khatun b Ritu Moni27212740128.57
ML Greennot out36233640156.52
LMM Tahuhunot out1391520144.44
Did not batJT McFadyen, HNK Jensen, LR Down, JM Kerr, Georgia Plimmer, FC Jonas
Extras2 (1w, 1lb)
Total3/164 (20 overs, 8.2rpo)
Jahanara Alam402616.5--000
Salma Khatun302909.661-000
Nahida Akter302518.33--000
Sanjida Akter Meghla302508.33--000
Ritu Moni402817--000
Fahima Khatun1010010--000
Rumana Ahmed2020010--000

Bangladesh Women
10/32 2nd innings

Murshida Khatunlbw b Jensen3990033.33
Dilara Akterc Bates b Tahuhu212140016.66
Nigar Sultanac Devine b Tahuhu027000
Farzana Haquec Bates b Jensen54510125
Rumana Ahmedb Tahuhu037000
Ritu Monilbw b Tahuhu617260035.29
Fahima Khatunc Devine b AC Kerr517180029.41
Salma Khatunb Jensen25100040
Nahida Akterb Jonas215120013.33
Sanjida Akter Meghlanot out1270050
Jahanara Alamc Green b Jonas032000
Extras6 (1w, 1lb)
Total10/32 (14.5 overs, 2.15rpo)
FC Jonas2.51220.7--000
JM Kerr20402--000
HNK Jensen30832.661-000
LMM Tahuhu40641.52-000
SFM Devine105052-000
AC Kerr20613--000
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