Northern Spirit NOR v CAN Canterbury MagiciansNew Zealand Cricket Women's Twenty20 2022 • Bay Oval, Mount Maunganui — 23 December 2022

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Canterbury MagiciansWinner
7/146 1st innings

KG Andersonst †Topp b Wellington3425050136
NB Coxc Wellington b Boucher51000050
LEV Hughesc Wellington b Boucher98010112.5
AE Satterthwaitenot out7352091140.38
Jodie Deanc Patel b Graham1500020
Abigale Gerkenb Patel1010000100
LMM Tahuhub Graham4600066.66
JL Savagerun out (Patel/Graham)010000
MJ Banksnot out2400050
Did not batGES Sullivan, Sarah Asmussen
Extras8 (4w, 1nb, 3lb)
Total7/146 (20 overs, 7.3rpo)
Shriya Naidu302307.661-000
Lucy Boucher3021271-000
A Wellington401714.2511000
Phoebe Graham403528.75--000
EAJ Richardson302809.331-000
NH Patel301916.33--000

Northern Spirit
9/132 2nd innings

CA Gurreyc Cox b Banks66480110137.5
B Bezuidenhoutc Anderson b Sullivan1514020107.14
SRH Curtisc Cox b Sullivan3232011100
EAJ Richardsonrun out (Dean/Sullivan)3500060
A Wellingtonc Cox b Banks020000
Lucy Boucherst †Hughes b Satterthwaite3500060
NH Patelc Savage b Satterthwaite020000
Phoebe Grahamrun out (Savage)2300066.66
MW Downesnot out75000140
Shriya Naidub Banks010000
Holly Toppnot out33000100
Extras1 (4w, 1nb, 3lb)
Total9/132 (20 overs, 6.6rpo)
MJ Banks402035--910
LMM Tahuhu401604--1420
GES Sullivan402927.251-830
Sarah Asmussen1011011--220
KG Anderson2022011--221
JL Savage10909--320
AE Satterthwaite402526.25--920
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