United Arab Emirates Women UAE-W v USA-W United States of America WomenICC Women's T20 World Cup Qualifier 2022 • Tolerance Oval, Abu Dhabi — 25 September 2022

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United States of America Women
3/117 1st innings

L Ramjitnot out485505087.27
Disha Dhingrac †Theertha Satish b Oza81500053.33
S Sriharshac Vaishnave Mahesh b Nandakumar2626030100
Snigdha Paulc sub (P Jain) b Khushi Sharma121902063.15
Ritu Singhnot out137020185.71
Did not batAnika Kolan, Isani Vaghela, Suhani Thadani, Bhumika Bhadriraju, Yashaaditi Teki, Sai Tanmayi Eyyunni
Extras10 (8w, 2nb)
Total3/117 (20 overs, 5.85rpo)
Chaya Mughal30180641000
ER Oza421213--000
Indhuja Nandakumar402215.51-000
Vaishnave Mahesh2016081-000
S Dharnidharka402907.2521000
Khushi Sharma302016.66--000

United Arab Emirates WomenWinner
5/118 2nd innings

Theertha Satishc Eyyunni b Singh223101070.96
ER Ozast †Kolan b Eyyunni3728050132.14
KKN Egodageb Eyyunni71800038.88
Khushi Sharmarun out (Teki/Singh)2322010104.54
Chaya Mughalst †Kolan b Bhadriraju55000100
S Dharnidharkanot out121300092.3
Natasha Cherriathnot out64010150
Did not batPriyanjali Jain, Vaishnave Mahesh, Siya Gokhale, Indhuja Nandakumar, Rithika Rajith
Extras6 (8w, 2nb)
Total5/118 (20 overs, 5.9rpo)
Suhani Thadani10202--000
Ritu Singh403117.75--000
Isani Vaghela201005--000
Snigdha Paul402706.75--000
Disha Dhingra1012012--000
Sai Tanmayi Eyyunni401824.52-000
Bhumika Bhadriraju4016141-000
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