Scotland Women SCO-W v USA-W United States of America WomenICC Women's T20 World Cup Qualifier 2022 • Tolerance Oval, Abu Dhabi — 18 September 2022

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Scotland WomenWinner
5/130 1st innings

Ailsa Listerb Paul128010150
Ellen Watsonb Singh31600018.75
KE Brycec Kandanala b Bhadriraju1717020100
Saskia Horleyb Bhadriraju101201083.33
SJ Brycec Dhingra b Kodali4532051140.62
PA Chatterjinot out3229030110.34
L Jacknot out76000116.66
Did not batAM Maqsood, HRA Rainey, Katherine Fraser, Rachel Slater
Extras4 (3w, 1lb)
Total5/130 (20 overs, 6.5rpo)
Ritu Singh301816--000
Disha Dhingra302307.66--000
Snigdha Paul201919.5--000
Isani Vaghela401904.753-000
Bhumika Bhadriraju201326.5--000
G Kodali402416--000
Taranum Chopra201306.5--000

United States of America Women
10/51 2nd innings

Mahika Kandanalarun out (Lister/†SJ Bryce)101301076.92
Disha Dhingrarun out (Fraser/KE Bryce)2700028.57
Ritu Singhb Slater020000
Snigdha Paulc Maqsood b Fraser3800037.5
S Sriharshab Horley51400035.71
L Ramjitrun out (Slater/†SJ Bryce)2700028.57
Isani Vaghelab Horley81300061.53
Taranum Chopralbw b Maqsood2800025
G Kodalic KE Bryce b Fraser52000025
Bhumika Bhadrirajub Rainey040000
Sai Tanmayi Eyyunninot out31900015.78
Extras11 (3w, 1lb)
Total10/51 (19.1 overs, 2.66rpo)
KE Bryce20904.5--000
Rachel Slater401513.753-000
Katherine Fraser3.10722.212-000
AM Maqsood301013.332-000
Saskia Horley418222-000
HRA Rainey31210.66--000
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