Croatia CRT v SER SerbiaICC Men's T20 World Cup Sub Regional Europe Qualifier Group A 2022 • Tikkurila Cricket Ground, Vantaa — 19 July 2022

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10/90 1st innings

Leslie Dunbarc †Grzinic b Valjalo101902052.63
Alexander Dizijarun out (DJ Turkich/†Grzinic)010000
Simo Iveticb Newton295000058
Ayo Mene-Ejegib Vujnovich010000
Matthew Kosticb Davidovic159030166.66
Mark Pavlovicst †Grzinic b Davidovic2700028.57
Wintley Burtonc DJ Turkich b Davidovic3400075
Nicholas Johns-Wickbergrun out (Valjalo)151902078.94
Vukasin Zimonjicb Valjalo010000
Slobodan Tosicb Jerkovic5700071.42
Matija Sarenacnot out22000100
Extras9 (8w, 1lb)
Total10/90 (20 overs, 4.5rpo)
John Vujnovich401513.751-000
Sheldon Valjalo403127.752-000
Nikola Davidovic402235.51-000
Daniel Turkich40501.25--000
Jason Newton301013.33--000
Boro Jerkovic10616--000

7/94 2nd innings

John Vujnovichlbw b Johns-Wickberg204101048.78
Daniel Marsicc Kostic b Tosic182003090
Jason Newtonc Burton b Sarenac020000
Daniel Turkichc Pavlovic b Tosic192004095
Sheldon Valjalonot out1010010100
Nikola Davidovicc Ivetic b Johns-Wickberg44010100
Christopher Turkichb Pavlovic010000
Boro Jerkoviclbw b Johns-Wickberg3600050
Jeffrey Grzinicnot out7801087.5
Did not batWasal Bitis, Mate Jukic
Extras13 (8w, 1lb)
Total7/94 (18.4 overs, 5.03rpo)
Ayo Mene-Ejegi3.402105.724-000
Vukasin Zimonjic201005--000
Matija Sarenac301715.66--000
Slobodan Tosic401022.5--000
Mark Pavlovic301615.33--000
Nicholas Johns-Wickberg301535--000
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