Isle of Man IOM v TUR TurkeyICC Men's T20 World Cup Sub Regional Europe Qualifier Group A 2022 • Kerava National Cricket Ground, Kerava — 18 July 2022

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Isle of ManWinner
9/171 1st innings

EF Beardc Shamsullah Ehsan b Elec3522050159.09
N Knightsc Turkmen b Ozturk1410001140
G Burrowsc & b Ilyas Ataullah5435071154.28
Carl Hartmannc †Nath b Elec33000100
A McAuleyc Shamsullah Ehsan b Elec2300066.66
JA Burrowsb Elec1200050
Dollin Jansenc Ilyas Ataullah b Alta3330001110
MJ Ansellb Turkmen1710011170
CJ Langfordrun out (†Nath/Alta)33000100
Jacob Butlernot out2300066.66
K Cawtenot out000000
Extras7 (2w, 1nb, 1lb, 3b)
Total9/171 (20 overs, 8.55rpo)
Ali Turkmen402516.25--000
Mecit Ozturk403819.5--000
Emi?n Kuyumcu1017017-1000
Shamsullah Ehsan1011011--000
Ishak Elec403147.752-000
Ilyas Ataullah402516.25--000
Gokhan Alta2020110--000

8/97 2nd innings

Emi?n Kuyumcuc Beard b Butler103200031.25
Ishak Elecb Langford020000
Shamsullah Ehsanc Jansen b Langford51200041.66
Tunahan Turanb Langford010000
Zafer Durmazrun out (Knights/Jansen)010000
Mecit Ozturkc Beard b JA Burrows1110011110
Gokhan Altac Langford b JA Burrows2827012103.7
Romeo Nathb Cawte91800050
Ilyas Ataullahnot out208021250
Ali Turkmennot out109000111.11
Did not batTunahan Ulutuna
Extras4 (2w, 1nb, 1lb, 3b)
Total8/97 (20 overs, 4.85rpo)
MJ Ansell401102.751-000
CJ Langford401032.52-000
Dollin Jansen201407--000
JA Burrows402025--000
K Cawte402716.75--000
Jacob Butler201417--000
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