Cyprus CYP v SER SerbiaICC Men's T20 World Cup Sub Regional Europe Qualifier Group A 2022 • Kerava National Cricket Ground, Kerava — 18 July 2022

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10/125 1st innings

Shoaib Ahmedc †Dunbar b Mene-Ejegi010000
Akila Kalugalac †Dunbar b Zimonjic1400025
Chamal Sadunrun out (Zimonjic)151801083.33
Neeraj Tiwaric Ivetic b Sarenac2523020108.69
Scott Austinc Ivetic b Sarenac1110010110
Gurpratap Singhc Mene-Ejegi b Sarenac2400050
Roman Mazumderrun out (Sarenac/Pavlovic)2726021103.84
Riyaz Kajalwalarun out (Mene-Ejegi/†Dunbar)1600016.66
Tejwinder Singhrun out (Kostic/Johns-Wickberg)127001171.42
Iftekar Jamanc Burton b Zimonjic2214012157.14
SRMJJ Arachchilagenot out020000
Extras9 (5w, 2lb, 2b)
Total10/125 (19.1 overs, 6.52rpo)
Ayo Mene-Ejegi402315.755-000
Vukasin Zimonjic3.101725.36--000
Mark Pavlovic302006.66--000
Matija Sarenac402937.25--000
Nicholas Johns-Wickberg401804.5--000
Slobodan Tosic1014014--000

6/126 2nd innings

Leslie Dunbarc Sadun b Shoaib Ahmed2400050
Alexander Dizijarun out (Scott Austin)6861032111.47
Simo Iveticb Gurpratap Singh1200050
Ayo Mene-Ejegic Scott Austin b Tejwinder Singh2413021184.61
Mark Pavlovicc & b Shoaib Ahmed31000030
Matthew Kosticc Scott Austin b Tejwinder Singh91700052.94
Wintley Burtonnot out75010140
Nicholas Johns-Wickbergnot out2500040
Did not batMatija Sarenac, Slobodan Tosic, Vukasin Zimonjic
Extras10 (5w, 2lb, 2b)
Total6/126 (19.2 overs, 6.51rpo)
Shoaib Ahmed402426--000
Gurpratap Singh40281711000
Tejwinder Singh402325.752-000
Neeraj Tiwari3.202507.5--000
Chamal Sadun201306.5--000
SRMJJ Arachchilage201105.52-000
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