Greece GRE v SWE SwedenICC Men's T20 World Cup Sub Regional Europe Qualifier Group A 2022 • Tikkurila Cricket Ground, Vantaa — 18 July 2022

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6/150 1st innings

Hamid Mahmoodc Fatouros b Abdulla Popalzae6958061118.96
Umar Nawazc Bogdanos b Mehmi2928031103.57
Imal Zuwakc Galanis b Abdulla Popalzae1515001100
A Venkateshb Abdulla Popalzae010000
Wynand Boshoffc †Bogdos b Manousis1300033.33
Azam Khalilrun out (Mehmi/†Bogdos)1810021180
Zaker Taqawinot out33000100
Ankit Dubeynot out53000166.66
Did not batLiam Karlsson, Baz Aybui, Ismaeel Zia
Extras10 (4w, 1nb, 4lb, 1b)
Total6/150 (20 overs, 7.5rpo)
Alexandros Karvelas403709.25-1000
Amarpreet Mehmi402315.751-000
Gerasimos Fatouros1014014--000
Georgios Galanis402506.251-000
Thomas Zotos1011011--000
Anastasios Manousis301414.66--000
A Abdulla Popalzae302137--000

10/43 2nd innings

Panagiotis Magafasc Hamid Mahmood b Karlsson42010200
Anastasios Manousislbw b Karlsson010000
Gerasimos Fatourosc Ankit Dubey b Azam Khalil1500020
Alexandros Karvelasb Azam Khalil2424012100
Spiridon Bogdoslbw b Ankit Dubey1110009.09
Christodoulos Bogdanoslbw b Azam Khalil41300030.76
Amarpreet Mehmib Ankit Dubey43010133.33
Georgios Galanisnot out2400050
Thomas Zotosb Ankit Dubey020000
Ilias Bardislbw b Zaker Taqawi030000
A Abdulla Popalzaeb Zaker Taqawi030000
Extras3 (4w, 1nb, 4lb, 1b)
Total10/43 (11.5 overs, 3.63rpo)
Liam Karlsson201326.5--000
A Venkatesh20402--000
Azam Khalil411533.75--000
Ankit Dubey301033.333-000
Zaker Taqawi0.50121.2--000
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