Germany GER v AUT AustriaGermany T20 Tri-Series 2022 • Bayer Uerdingen Cricket Ground, Krefeld — 12 June 2022

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7/122 1st innings

Iqbal Hossainc Abdul-Shakoor Rahimzei b Muslim Yar81000180
Mark Simpson-Parkerc & b Muslim Yar101801055.55
Razmal Shigiwalc Muslim Yar b Walter Behr54010125
A Randhawarun out (Abdul Stanikzai/Bharathi)313801081.57
Mehar Cheemac Abdul-Shakoor Rahimzei b Ghulam Ahmadi151700088.23
Aqib Iqbalnot out4230032140
Sahel Zadranc Muslim Yar b Walter Behr020000
Abdullah Akbarjanc †Sachin Mandy b Walter Behr010000
Did not batShahil Momin, Amit Nathwani, Itibarshah Deedar
Extras11 (4w, 2lb, 5b)
Total7/122 (20 overs, 6.1rpo)
Walter Behr401734.25--000
Muslim Yar401523.75--000
Nooruddin Mujadady201407--000
Ghulam Ahmadi301414.66--000
V Ganesan402406--000
Sri Bharathi3031010.332-000

7/125 2nd innings

Sachin Mandyb Shahil Momin3432022106.25
Talha Khanc Simpson-Parker b Nathwani63001200
Abdul Stanikzaic †Cheema b Nathwani020000
Abdul-Shakoor Rahimzeic Aqib Iqbal b Nathwani111600068.75
V Ganesanc & b Abdullah Akbarjan5800062.5
Walter Behrb Iqbal Hossain2220002110
Shoaib Khanc Itibarshah Deedar b Abdullah Akbarjan4701057.14
Muslim Yarnot out2417020141.17
Ghulam Ahmadinot out1513010115.38
Did not batSri Bharathi, Nooruddin Mujadady
Extras4 (4w, 2lb, 5b)
Total7/125 (19.4 overs, 6.35rpo)
Amit Nathwani402135.25--000
Aqib Iqbal402105.251-000
Shahil Momin403819.51-000
Abdullah Akbarjan401523.751-000
Sahel Zadran10808--000
Iqbal Hossain201216--000
Itibarshah Deedar0.409013.5--000
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