Germany GER v SWE SwedenGermany T20 Tri-Series 2022 • Bayer Uerdingen Cricket Ground, Krefeld — 09 June 2022

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10/93 1st innings

Hamid Mahmoodc †Sachin Mandy b Walter Behr050000
Umar Nawazc Bharathi b Muslim Yar5649033114.28
Wynand Boshoffc †Sachin Mandy b Ghulam Ahmadi71800038.88
A Venkateshst †Sachin Mandy b Ganesan51300038.46
Azam Khalilc Abdul Stanikzai b Ganesan2900022.22
Sami Khalilst †Sachin Mandy b Ganesan1300033.33
Tasaduq Hussainc Bharathi b Muslim Yar2400050
Liam Karlssonc Ahmed Wardak b Blignaut149011155.55
Zaker Taqawirun out (Bharathi)1200050
Baz Aybuic Abdul Stanikzai b Muslim Yar1400025
Lemar Momandnot out2400050
Extras2 (2w)
Total10/93 (20 overs, 4.65rpo)
Walter Behr311113.661-000
Ghulam Ahmadi411213--000
Dylan Blignaut401714.251-000
V Ganesan401132.75--000
Sri Bharathi2020010--000
Muslim Yar302237.33--000

6/95 2nd innings

Sachin Mandylbw b Zaker Taqawi293403085.29
Talha Khanc Karlsson b Tasaduq Hussain43000133.33
Abdul Stanikzaib Hamid Mahmood232501192
Dylan Blignautst †Boshoff b Zaker Taqawi71500046.66
Abdul-Shakoor Rahimzeic Samiallah Khalil b Hamid Mahmood74001175
Ahmed Wardaknot out101702058.82
V Ganesanc Umar Nawaz b Hamid Mahmood2300066.66
Walter Behrnot out65010120
Did not batMuslim Yar, Sri Bharathi, Ghulam Ahmadi
Extras7 (2w)
Total6/95 (17.4 overs, 5.37rpo)
Lemar Momand201206--000
Tasaduq Hussain3018163-000
Azam Khalil401704.25--000
Liam Karlsson201708.5--000
Zaker Taqawi3.411724.63--000
Hamid Mahmood301033.33--000
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