Qatar Women QAT-W v NEP-W Nepal WomenNepal Women in Qatar T20I Series 2021/22 2021 • West End Park International Cricket Stadium, Doha — 18 November 2021

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Nepal WomenWinner
3/164 1st innings

K Shresthac †Rana b Mare7800087.5
SR Magarnot out8272070113.88
J Pandeyc †Rizpha Bano b Dhadwal2420010120
D Bhattab Aysha129010133.33
S Magarnot out1711010154.54
Did not batRC Belbashi, Karuna Bhandari, SC Kumari, Sabnam Rai, Sangita Rai, Apsari Begam
Extras22 (21w, 1b)
Total3/164 (20 overs, 8.2rpo)
Angeline Mare4028173-000
Hiral Agarwal402606.52-000
Sabeeja Panayan20240124-000
Aleena Khan302508.331-000
Saachi Dhadwal4036192-000

Qatar Women
7/55 2nd innings

Hiral Agarwalrun out (Sangita Rai/Karuna Bhandari)62600023.07
Shrutiben Ranab Sabnam Rai010000
Aleena Khanb Kumari193303057.57
Ayshac Kumari b Belbashi131401192.85
Rizpha Bano Emmanuelrun out (Bhatta/†Shrestha)2700028.57
Saachi Dhadwalrun out (Pandey/Karuna Bhandari)0100000
Angeline Marerun out (Sangita Rai/†Shrestha)3700042.85
Khadija Imtiaznot out21800011.11
Sabeeja Panayannot out3400075
Did not batKerry Pounsett, Reeva Shah
Extras7 (21w, 1b)
Total7/55 (20 overs, 2.75rpo)
Sabnam Rai32210.661-000
SC Kumari401012.52-000
Karuna Bhandari401403.5--000
RC Belbashi40912.251-000
Sangita Rai201306.51-000
SR Magar10101--000
Apsari Begam101011-000
S Magar10404--000
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