Qatar Women QAT-W v NEP-W Nepal WomenNepal Women in Qatar T20I Series 2021/22 2021 • West End Park International Cricket Stadium, Doha — 17 November 2021

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Nepal WomenWinner
6/129 1st innings

K Kunwarc Dhadwal b Panayan3130002103.33
J Pandeyc Aleena Khan b Mare6901066.66
K Shresthab Mare3400075
RC Belbashic Aysha b Dhadwal5048041104.16
S Magarb Aleena Khan41000040
D Bhattarun out (Agarwal/†Kale)030000
Apsari Begamnot out2317010135.29
Kabita Joshinot out000000
Did not batSC Kumari, Sabnam Rai, Sangita Rai
Extras12 (11w, 1nb)
Total6/129 (20 overs, 6.45rpo)
Angeline Mare4028272-000
Hiral Agarwal401904.751-000
Aleena Khan4020151-000
Sabeeja Panayan402315.75--000
Saachi Dhadwal201517.51-000
Khadija Imtiaz1012012-1000

Qatar Women
10/68 2nd innings

Saachi Dhadwallbw b Kumari41401028.57
Hiral Agarwalc Sabnam Rai b Kumari010000
Sabeeja Panayanc Kunwar b Kumari030000
Ayshab Joshi243202075
Khadija Imtiazb Belbashi41600025
Kerry Pounsettb Sabnam Rai151802083.33
Angeline Mareb Sangita Rai77010100
Aleena Khanb Kumari61601037.5
Rizpha Bano Emmanuelnot out1700014.28
Shahreeennawabrun out (Magar/Belbashi)11000100
Trupti Kalest †Shrestha b Belbashi020000
Extras6 (11w, 1nb)
Total10/68 (19.3 overs, 3.48rpo)
K Kunwar20502.51-000
SC Kumari418421-000
Sabnam Rai411012.51-000
RC Belbashi2.301224.8--000
Sangita Rai4020151-000
Kabita Joshi301314.331-000
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