Hong Kong Women HKG-W v NEP-W Nepal WomenICC Women's T20 World Cup Asia Region Qualifier 2021 • ICC Academy Ground No 2, Dubai — 22 November 2021

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Nepal Women
3/104 1st innings

K Kunwarc Hill b Chan Ka Man020000
SR Magarnot out405804068.96
K Shresthac Hill b Chan42300017.39
I Barmarun out (Lai/†Hiu Ying Cheung)313703083.78
RC Belbashinot out21000200
Did not batS Magar, Karuna Bhandari, SC Kumari, Sabnam Rai, Apsari Begam, Kabita Joshi
Extras27 (19w, 1nb, 4lb, 3b)
Total3/104 (20 overs, 5.2rpo)
Chan Ka Man4112131-000
M Hill301705.661-000
Ruchitha Venkatesh311906.331-000
KY Chan4016141-000
Iqra Sahar401804.55-000
M Bibi201507.541000

Hong Kong WomenWinner
4/105 2nd innings

Y Daswanic †Shrestha b Kunwar21200016.66
M Hillnot out4238040110.52
NT Milesb Sabnam Rai1613030123.07
KY Chanb SR Magar172202077.27
Shanzeen Shahzadrun out (Karuna Bhandari)71100063.63
WK Lainot out1412010116.66
Did not batChan Ka Man, Ruchitha Venkatesh, M Bibi, Hiu Ying Cheung, Iqra Sahar
Extras7 (19w, 1nb, 4lb, 3b)
Total4/105 (18 overs, 5.83rpo)
K Kunwar401814.53-000
SC Kumari208041-000
SR Magar401814.5--000
Sabnam Rai2014172-000
Karuna Bhandari201708.5--000
RC Belbashi403007.5--000
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