Gujarat GUJ v HYD Hyderabad (India)Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2021 • Palam A Stadium, Delhi — 18 November 2021

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Hyderabad (India)Winner
5/158 1st innings

TD Agarwalb Chawla3121041147.61
Pragnay Reddylbw b Gaja1500020
NT Tilak Varmarun out (KP Patel)7550052150
HP Agarwalc HP Patel b Gaja232601088.46
BP Sandeepc UM Patel b Chawla020000
Rahul Buddhinot out2516031156.25
Did not batM Hassan, CV Milind, T Ravi Teja, T Thyagarajan, Rakshann Readdi
Extras3 (2w, 1lb)
Total5/158 (20 overs, 7.9rpo)
RB Kalaria3041013.66--000
KP Patel302107--000
CT Gaja4032281-000
TR Patel3032010.66--000
PP Chawla41922.25--000
HP Patel302207.331-000

8/128 2nd innings

DJ Ravalc Milind b Ravi Teja71101063.63
UM Patelc Sandeep b Milind1300033.33
Saurav Chauhanrun out (Sandeep)91800050
Het Patelc Milind b Rakshann Readdi2524030104.16
PP Chawlac Milind b Thyagarajan2520021125
Ripal Patelc Sandeep b Milind3524012145.83
KP Patelc Thyagarajan b Ravi Teja4500080
RB Kalarianot out1511011136.36
CT Gajac Thyagarajan b Ravi Teja020000
TR Patelnot out22000100
Did not batHP Patel
Extras5 (2w, 1lb)
Total8/128 (20 overs, 6.4rpo)
Rakshann Readdi411914.75--000
CV Milind4028272-000
T Ravi Teja402736.752-000
T Thyagarajan402416--000
M Hassan402907.25--000
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