United Arab Emirates UAE v NAM NamibiaNamibia in United Arab Emirates T20I Match 2021/22 2021 • ICC Academy, Dubai — 05 October 2021

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8/159 1st innings

SJ Baardc Kashif Daud b Waseem Muhammad3934040114.7
ZE Greenc Rizwan b Kashif Daud1400025
CG Williamsc Sultan Ahmed b Zahoor Khan5737072154.05
MG Erasmusb Zahoor Khan2719020142.1
D Wieseb Waseem Muhammad109010111.11
JJ Smitc Ahmed Raza b Rohan Mustafa149011155.55
JN Frylinckb Zahoor Khan2500040
R Trumpelmannc Rohan Mustafa b Zahoor Khan1200050
HN Ya Francenot out000000
K Birkenstocknot out11000100
Did not batBM Scholtz
Extras7 (2w, 4lb, 1b)
Total8/159 (20 overs, 7.95rpo)
Sultan Ahmed302408--740
Kashif Daud301615.331-910
Zahoor Khan402947.25--1031
Rohan Mustafa403919.75--731
Ahmed Raza403308.25--731
Waseem Muhammad201326.51-510

United Arab Emirates
9/142 2nd innings

Waseem Muhammadc †Green b Frylinck3936032108.33
Chirag Suric Smit b Wiese111601068.75
CP Rizwanc Birkenstock b Frylinck1111010100
Muhammad Usmanc Erasmus b Trumpelmann2827002103.7
Basil Hameedc Wiese b Frylinck2012021166.66
Rohan Mustafac Erasmus b Frylinck010000
Kashif Daudc Erasmus b Trumpelmann115020220
Ahmed Razanot out54000125
Vriitya Aravindb Frylinck146030233.33
Sultan Ahmedc Erasmus b Frylinck020000
Zahoor Khannot out000000
Extras3 (2w, 4lb, 1b)
Total9/142 (20 overs, 7.1rpo)
R Trumpelmann402225.51-1521
D Wiese402917.251-730
JJ Smit403308.251-1022
K Birkenstock1011011--120
BM Scholtz201909.5--211
JN Frylinck402466--1321
HN Ya France10404--200
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