Northern (Pakistan) NORTH v KHY Khyber PakhtunkhwaNational T20 Cup 2021 • Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore — 11 October 2021

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Khyber PakhtunkhwaWinner
4/207 1st innings

Sahibzada Farhanrun out (Mubasir Khan)1815030120
Israrullahc Mubasir Khan b Athar Mahmood030000
Kamran Ghulamnot out110640106171.87
M Harisc Nasir Nawaz b Aaqib Liaquat1311020118.18
Nabi Gulst †Rohail Nazir b Aaqib Liaquat1200050
Iftikhar Ahmednot out5426044207.69
Did not batKhalid Usman, Imran Khan, Adil Amin, Asif Afridi, Arshad Iqbal, Mohammad Imran
Extras11 (6w, 1nb, 4b)
Total4/207 (20 overs, 10.35rpo)
Nauman Ali401904.75--000
Athar Mahmood4055113.7541000
Muhammad Musa4041010.251-000
Aamer Jamal4044011--000
Aaqib Liaquat40442111-000

Northern (Pakistan)
10/115 2nd innings

Nasir Nawazc sub (Adil Amin) b Imran Khan020000
Ali Imranrun out (Mohammad Imran)1912011158.33
Zeeshan Malikc Sahibzada Farhan b Arshad Iqbal119010122.22
Umar Aminc Nabi Gul b Iftikhar Ahmed2321011109.52
Rohail Nazirb Khalid Usman3423032147.82
Mubasir Khanc Kamran Ghulam b Khalid Usman2700028.57
Aamer Jamalc †Mohammad Haris b Asif Afridi3500060
Nauman Alic Nabi Gul b Mohammad Imran31000030
Aaqib Liaquatc Sahibzada Farhan b Asif Afridi111501073.33
Muhammad Musalbw b Imran Khan1500020
Athar Mahmoodnot out1300033.33
Extras7 (6w, 1nb, 4b)
Total10/115 (18.4 overs, 6.16rpo)
Imran Khan4024261-000
Arshad Iqbal301214--000
Mohammad Imran3021172-000
Iftikhar Ahmed301916.331-000
Asif Afridi3.403228.72--000
Khalid Usman20422--000
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