Perth Scorchers SCO v SIX Sydney SixersBig Bash League 2021 • Marvel Stadium, Melbourne — 22 January 2022

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Perth ScorchersWinner
3/189 1st innings

JP Inglisst †Philippe b O'Keefe7949091161.22
KR Pattersonc Christian b Kerr6441053156.09
MR Marshc Henriques b Kerr2821040133.33
C Munronot out129010133.33
AJ Turnernot out000000
Did not batLJ Evans, JP Behrendorff, AJ Tye, A Agar, JA Richardson, P Hatzoglou
Extras6 (3w, 3lb)
Total3/189 (20 overs, 9.45rpo)
NM Lyon3031010.331-230
SA Abbott403909.75--660
Hayden Kerr403729.251-531
B Dwarshuis302909.66--841
SNJ O'Keefe4036191-512
DT Christian201407--420

Sydney Sixers
10/141 2nd innings

JR Philippeb Richardson5801062.5
J Avendanoc †Inglis b Behrendorff030000
MC Henriquesc †Inglis b Richardson173001056.66
JC Silkc Hatzoglou b Behrendorff1500020
Nicholas Bertusb Agar4700057.14
DT Christianc Munro b Agar74001175
SA Abbottrun out (Turner)3700042.85
Hayden Kerrc †Inglis b Tye2218021122.22
B Dwarshuisst †Inglis b Hatzoglou6628074235.71
NM Lyonc Behrendorff b Tye22000100
SNJ O'Keefenot out2300066.66
Extras12 (3w, 3lb)
Total10/141 (19.1 overs, 7.35rpo)
JA Richardson402125.25--1521
JP Behrendorff403127.754-821
A Agar4016241-1401
P Hatzoglou3.102919.151-831
AJ Tye403829.5--942
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