Sydney Thunder Women THU v SCO Perth Scorchers WomenWomen's Big Bash League 2021 • Karen Rolton Oval, Adelaide — 11 November 2021

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Perth Scorchers Women
2/184 1st innings

SFM Devineb Johnson1615030106.66
BL Mooneynot out83530130156.6
C Piparoc †Wilson b Darlington1010020100
AC Jayanganinot out7042082166.66
Did not batM Kapp, SM Betts, H Graham, P Cleary, T Peschel, A King, Lilly Mills
Extras5 (3w, 2lb)
Total2/184 (20 overs, 9.2rpo)
Isabelle Wong20200101-540
S Bates403107.751-420
SJ Johnson403819.5--1061
DB Sharma302508.331-640
Hannah Darlington403218--950
Kate Peterson2027013.5--241
L Smith10909--110

Sydney Thunder Women
1/21 2nd innings

S Mandhananot out128020150
Hannah Darlingtonb Kapp42010200
Phoebe Litchfieldnot out3500060
Did not batS Bates, SJ Johnson, DB Sharma, L Smith, T Wilson, Isabelle Wong, Kate Peterson, Anika Learoyd
Extras2 (3w, 2lb)
Total1/21 (2.3 overs, 8.4rpo)
M Kapp1.30815.33--410
Lilly Mills10130131-220
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