Perth Scorchers Women SCO v SIX Sydney Sixers WomenWomen's Big Bash League 2021 • Lilac Hill Park, Perth — 31 October 2021

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Sydney Sixers WomenWinner
3/161 1st innings

AJ Healynot out945785122164.91
EA Perryb Peschel3139513079.48
A Gardnerc Graham b Peschel816180050
Shafali Vermarun out (Kapp/Peschel)861010133.33
M Brownnot out65710120
Did not batNE Bolton, AR Reakes, L Cheatle, RP Yadav, Stella Campbell, Jade Allen
Extras14 (7w, 3nb, 4b)
Total3/161 (20 overs, 8.05rpo)
M Kapp401804.51-1000
Lilly Mills201206--501
T Peschel403428.5131150
L Griffith20280141-240
H Graham403809.5--751
A King402706.75--930

Perth Scorchers Women
9/117 2nd innings

SFM Devinec Cheatle b Perry61201050
BL Mooneyc Cheatle b Yadav3029010103.44
C Piparob Bolton2929020100
AC Jayanganic Yadav b Bolton030000
H Grahamc Perry b Yadav1914020135.71
M Kappc Cheatle b Bolton2300066.66
A Kingc Bolton b Cheatle141600087.5
M Carmichaelnot out1212000100
Lilly Millsb Cheatle010000
T Peschelc Bolton b Gardner010000
Did not batL Griffith
Extras5 (7w, 3nb, 4b)
Total9/117 (20 overs, 5.85rpo)
L Cheatle401323.25--1400
M Brown403107.752-610
EA Perry10515--410
A Gardner301715.66--710
Stella Campbell201507.5--110
RP Yadav402225.5--1010
NE Bolton201135.5--510
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