Manchester Originals (Women) MO-W v LS-W London Spirit (Women)The Hundred Women's Competition 2021 • Old Trafford, Manchester — 10 August 2021

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Manchester Originals (Women)
5/127 1st innings

L Leelbw b Sharma0716000
EL Lambrun out (Dattani/†Beaumont)39303351130
M du Preezc Gibson b Sharma31273450114.81
CL Griffithlbw b Knight011000
S Ecclestonenot out32263022123.07
E Threlkeldrun out (Gibson/†Beaumont)12101610120
Did not batKL Cross, A Hartley, N Brown, GEB Boyce, HE Jones
Extras13 (7w, 2nb, 2lb, 2b)
Total5/127 (20 overs, 6.35rpo)
CE Dean403308.25--951
S Munro403809.51-732
DB Sharma411022.51-1100
HC Knight401914.75--1030
D Gibson301003.33--600
ND Dattani101301311220

London Spirit (Women)Winner
5/131 2nd innings

ND Dattanic & b Hartley1116181068.75
TT Beaumontc †Threlkeld b Cross012000
HC Knightc & b Hartley35264250134.61
DJS Dottinc Brown b Cross28232431121.73
D Gibsonlbw b Hartley73601233.33
DB Sharmanot out34232530147.82
CE Deannot out1272220171.42
Did not batSE Rowe, AZ Monaghan, S Munro, Grace Scrivens
Extras4 (7w, 2nb, 2lb, 2b)
Total5/131 (19.3 overs, 6.68rpo)
KL Cross402927.2511730
S Ecclestone402606.51-940
HE Jones401403.5--900
EL Lamb201809--440
A Hartley403238--722
N Brown1.301207.5--110
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