London Spirit (Women) LS-W v TR-W Trent Rockets (Women)The Hundred Women's Competition 2021 • Lord's, London — 29 July 2021

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Trent Rockets (Women)Winner
4/151 1st innings

RH Priestc Beaumont b Gibson764242104180.95
SJ Johnsonc Gibson b Sharma2534561173.52
NR Sciverc Gibson b Davies32162232200
KH Bruntrun out (Gibson/†Carr)881310100
H Grahamnot out11400100
Did not batML Kirk, LF Higham, E Windsor, S Glenn, AJ Freeborn, KE Bryce
Extras9 (2w, 2nb, 5lb)
Total4/151 (20 overs, 7.55rpo)
FR Davies401914.75--1030
ND Dattani2022011--422
DB Sharma4024161-630
CL Tryon1016016-1321
CE Dean401904.75--911
HC Knight10707--301
D Gibson403919.751-442

London Spirit (Women)
7/133 2nd innings

ND Dattanic Johnson b Brunt971720128.57
TT Beaumontc Glenn b Bryce13121430108.33
DJS Dottinrun out (†Priest/Glenn)29192632152.63
HC Knightc Glenn b Higham31254230124
DB Sharmac Bryce b Higham1250050
CL Tryonc Windsor b Graham651010120
CE Deanb Johnson1691120177.77
D Gibsonnot out18121620150
AD Carrnot out410100040
Did not batFR Davies, AZ Monaghan
Extras6 (2w, 2nb, 5lb)
Total7/133 (20 overs, 6.65rpo)
KH Brunt402616.5--1141
SJ Johnson40281711730
KE Bryce20512.5--810
NR Sciver302909.66--441
S Glenn201708.5--230
H Graham201316.5--210
LF Higham301224--600
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