Kuwait Kuw v UAE United Arab EmiratesACC Western Region T20 2020 • Al Amerat Cricket Ground Oman Cricket (Ministry Turf 1), Al Amarat — 27 February 2020

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United Arab EmiratesWinner
5/199 1st innings

Chirag Suric Sayed Monib b Shiraz Khan6041080146.34
Rohan Mustafalbw b Aphsal Ashraf2823040121.73
Basil Hameedc Aslam b Kumaranayaka121300192.3
Muhammad Usmanc Muhammad Kashif b Aphsal Ashraf2819021147.36
Waheed Ahmednot out4515006300
Alishan Sharafuc Kumaranayaka b Aslam1010001100
Sultan Ahmednot out61001600
Did not batAhmed Raza, Zahoor Khan, Vriitya Aravind, Junaid Siddique
Extras10 (8w, 2nb)
Total5/199 (20 overs, 9.95rpo)
Muhammad Ansar302909.66--000
Sayed Monib304201452000
Aphsal Ashraf403528.75--000
MNM Aslam4057114.25--000
UKPW Kumaranayaka4028171-000
Shiraz Khan208141-000

7/97 2nd innings

R Sandaruwanc Rohan Mustafa b Sultan Ahmed121501080
Usman Patelc Sultan Ahmed b Junaid Siddique040000
Bilal Tahirc Sultan Ahmed b Ahmed Raza2220030110
Sayed Monibc Basil Hameed b Sultan Ahmed85001160
Muhammad Kashifb Sultan Ahmed2600033.33
Aphsal Ashrafc Sharafu b Ahmed Raza4800050
Mohammad Aminnot out183101058.06
Shiraz Khanc Rohan Mustafa b Sultan Ahmed1700014.28
MNM Aslamnot out232403095.83
Did not batUKPW Kumaranayaka, Muhammad Ansar
Extras7 (8w, 2nb)
Total7/97 (20 overs, 4.85rpo)
Junaid Siddique302217.33--000
Rohan Mustafa402706.75--000
Zahoor Khan3018061-000
Sultan Ahmed40942.25--000
Ahmed Raza40822--000
Waheed Ahmed20703.5--000
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