Welsh Dragons GLA v NOR Northamptonshire SteelbacksTwenty20 Cup (England) 2020 • Sophia Gardens, Cardiff — 13 September 2020

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Northamptonshire Steelbacks
10/98 1st innings

RE Levilbw b Sisodiya2420050
PR Stirlingst †Cooke b Salter1260050
JJ Cobbc †Cooke b van der Gugten1116171068.75
AM Rossingtonc †Cooke b van der Gugten14132620107.69
LA Procterb Smith53510166.66
AG Wakelyc & b Sisodiya915230060
T Solec de Lange b Smith2531363080.64
GG Whitest †Cooke b Sisodiya86320133.33
GK Bergc Lloyd b van der Gugten78101087.5
NL Buckc Salter b de Lange18100012.5
BW Sandersonnot out003000
Extras15 (2w, 4nb, 1lb, 8b)
Total10/98 (17.2 overs, 5.65rpo)
Prem Sisodiya402636.5111100
AG Salter401914.75--1000
RAJ Smith301324.331-1200
T van der Gugten301735.66--1000
M de Lange3.201414.2-11100

Welsh DragonsWinner
3/99 2nd innings

DL Lloydc & b Cobb40293241137.93
NJ Selmanst †Rossington b White28273521103.7
CB Cookec Sole b Berg410160040
Callum Taylornot out1722231077.27
A Balbirnienot out58110062.5
Did not batT van der Gugten, M de Lange, AG Salter, RAJ Smith, Owen Morgan, Prem Sisodiya
Extras5 (2w, 4nb, 1lb, 8b)
Total3/99 (16 overs, 6.18rpo)
JJ Cobb401714.25--1100
BW Sanderson2021010.5--300
GG White402215.5--1000
NL Buck201809--500
LA Procter20804--500
GK Berg20814--600
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