Malaysia MAL v VAN VanuatuVanuatu in Malaysia T20I Series 2019/20 2019 • Kinrara Academy Oval, Kuala Lumpur — 02 October 2019

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8/134 1st innings

Virandeep Singhrun out (Obed/†Vira)1300033.33
Syed Azizc Mansale b Nipiko151601193.75
Zubaidi Zulkiflec †Vira b Obed2217012129.41
Ainool Hafizsc Mansale b Nipiko53010166.66
S Muniandyc †Vira b Mansale2721012128.57
Mohamed Ariefc & b Nipiko171902089.47
Nazril Rahmanc Viraliliu b Mansale55010100
Ainool Haqqiemst †Vira b Mansale121300092.3
Fitri Shamnot out151701088.23
Muhammad Wafiqnot out6701085.71
Did not batPavandeep Singh
Extras9 (5w, 1nb, 2lb, 1b)
Total8/134 (20 overs, 6.7rpo)
AL Stephen301404.66--000
JW Chilia401403.5--000
W Viraliliu201708.51-000
N Nipiko402235.54-000
SH Obed3030110--000
A Mansale403438.5-1000

10/108 2nd innings

J Rasub Muniandy132101161.9
A Mansaleb Pavandeep Singh040000
PK Matautaavab Fitri Sham129011133.33
N Nipikoc Fitri Sham b Muhammad Wafiq4230012140
C Tommyc Syed Aziz b Pavandeep Singh181901194.73
R Tarilbw b Pavandeep Singh030000
J Viralbw b Muhammad Wafiq2400050
W Viraliliuc Nazril Rahman b Muhammad Wafiq4500080
SH Obedb Fitri Sham33000100
JW Chilianot out1400025
AL Stephenrun out (Fitri Sham/†Ainool Haqqiem)1200050
Extras12 (5w, 1nb, 2lb, 1b)
Total10/108 (17.1 overs, 6.29rpo)
Pavandeep Singh3.101233.78--000
Muhammad Wafiq411032.521000
Fitri Sham302227.33--000
S Muniandy3034111.333-000
Virandeep Singh201507.5--000
Nazril Rahman201407--000
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