Brazil BRAZ v CHIL ChileSouth American Men's Championships 2019 • El Cortijo Polo Club Pitch B Ground, Lima — 04 October 2019

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5/96 1st innings

Muhammad Saleemb Hardev Singh5240051130
Greigor Caisleyb Srivastav51300038.46
Yasar Haroonc Mandy b Uniyal105020200
Ismat Ullahc & b Hirenkumar Patel1400025
Fahad Alib Mandy2600033.33
Victor Poubelnot out5600083.33
Jaimin Allennot out11000100
Did not batLuiz Goncalves, Richard Avery, Luis Rodrigues, Kevin Silva
Extras20 (16w, 2nb, 1lb, 1b)
Total5/96 (12 overs, 8rpo)
Irfan Mir301705.661-000
Hirenkumar Patel301113.66--000
Aresh Srivastav203011581000
Amit Uniyal201919.551000
Hardev Singh10121122-000
Major Mandy10515--000

8/61 2nd innings

Major Mandyc Fahad Ali b Muhammad Saleem131402092.85
Hardev Singhst †Goncalves b Yasar Haroon51600031.25
Hirenkumar Patelc Ismat Ullah b Silva2019020105.26
Chris Emmottc & b Yasar Haroon41000040
Aresh Srivastavlbw b R Avery010000
Amit Uniyalb R Avery1200050
Mayanak Patelc Fahad Ali b Allen86001133.33
Kamlesh Guptac Rodrigues b Silva040000
Irfan Mirnot out11000100
Did not batAlex Carthew, Shoaib Gazi Hossain
Extras9 (16w, 2nb, 1lb, 1b)
Total8/61 (12 overs, 5.08rpo)
Luis Rodrigues201105.511000
Muhammad Saleem20713.51-000
Richard Avery301324.33--000
Yasar Haroon3018262-000
Jaimin Allen10717--000
Kevin Silva10121--000
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