United Arab Emirates UAE v SCO ScotlandICC Men's T20 World Cup Qualifier 2019 • Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Dubai — 30 October 2019

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6/198 1st innings

HG Munseyc Rameez Shahzad b Ahmed Raza6543025151.16
KJ Coetzerc Muhammad Usman b Junaid Siddique3433040103.03
MA Leaskc Waheed Ahmed b Zahoor Khan129001133.33
RD Berringtonb Rohan Mustafa4818043266.66
CS MacLeodrun out (Ahmed Raza/Rohan Mustafa)2512030208.33
T Soleb Rohan Mustafa63010200
MH Crossnot out22000100
Did not batAC Evans, JH Davey, S Sharif, MRJ Watt
Extras6 (2w, 4b)
Total6/198 (20 overs, 9.9rpo)
Sultan Ahmed201909.5--000
Junaid Siddique4036191-000
Rohan Mustafa403829.5--000
Ahmed Raza302719--000
Waheed Ahmed3037012.33--000
Zahoor Khan403719.251-000

United Arab Emirates
10/108 2nd innings

Chirag Suric †Cross b Sharif43010133.33
Rohan Mustafac †Cross b Davey44000100
Rameez Shahzadc Munsey b Watt3428022121.42
Darius D'Silvanot out1919010100
Muhammad Usmanc Leask b Watt2016010125
Waheed Ahmedc Davey b Berrington61100054.54
Mohammad Bootac Munsey b MacLeod2300066.66
Sultan Ahmedb Watt010000
Ahmed Razac Leask b Sharif3900033.33
Junaid Siddiquec Leask b Evans31000030
Zahoor Khanc & b Sharif6801075
Extras7 (2w, 4b)
Total10/108 (18.3 overs, 5.83rpo)
S Sharif3.3021361-000
AC Evans411814.52-000
JH Davey302317.66--000
MRJ Watt402135.25-1000
CS MacLeod301816--000
RD Berrington10414--000
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