Canterbury Magicians CAN v NOR Northern SpiritNew Zealand Cricket Women's Twenty20 2019 • Bay Oval, Mount Maunganui — 12 January 2020

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Northern Spirit
10/110 1st innings

CA Gurreyb Asmussen2133413-63.63
B Bezuidenhoutb Savage4481-100
KG Andersonlbw b Simmons-31---
FC Leydon-Davisc †Hughes b Simmons122--50
BM Hallidayrun out (Cox/Savage)1312--33.33
OR Lobbrun out (Mackay/†Hughes)3333502-100
Lucy Boucherc Savage b Mackay1411111-127.27
EAJ Richardsonlbw b Banks1410112-140
LS Mulivaic Cox b Mackay6651-100
C Esterhuizenrun out (Kench/†Hughes)148--25
CR Sarsfieldnot out-12---
Extras15 (10w, 5lb)
Total10/110 (18.2 overs, 6rpo)
JA Simmons3-1424.661----
JL Savage4-16142----
GES Sullivan3-20-6.662----
Sarah Asmussen2-18191----
FL Mackay3.2-1925.71----
MJ Banks3-18163----
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Canterbury MagiciansWinner
5/111 2nd innings

KFG Nationb Mulivai10911-1111.11
NB Coxlbw b Richardson1617222-94.11
JL Savagelbw b Esterhuizen4239596-107.69
FL Mackayb Sarsfield1931364-61.29
LEV Hughesc Leydon-Davis b Esterhuizen51110--45.45
EK Kenchnot out8811--100
GES Sullivannot out3410--75
Did not batAC Mace-Cochrane, MJ Banks, JA Simmons, Sarah Asmussen
Extras8 (10w, 5lb)
Total5/111 (19.4 overs, 5.64rpo)
LS Mulivai3-1916.33-----
FC Leydon-Davis2.4-19-7.122----
C Esterhuizen411824.51----
EAJ Richardson4116141----
CR Sarsfield4-2215.5-----
BM Halliday2-16-821---
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