Sydney Thunder THU v SCO Perth ScorchersBig Bash League 2019 • Sydney Showground Stadium, Sydney — 26 January 2020

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Perth Scorchers
4/99 1st innings

JP Inglisb Morris1811-3-163.63
LS Livingstonec †Lenton b Tremain2027---74.07
MR Marshc Hales b Cook1112-1-91.66
CT Bancroftnot out3525-31140
AJ Turnerc Hales b Sams15---20
TH Davidnot out1310-1-130
Did not batM Morkel, Fawad Ahmed, A Agar, M Kelly, JA Richardson
Extras1 (1lb)
Total4/99 (15 overs, 6.6rpo)
JD Cook4-3619--34-
G Sandhu3-23-7.66--611
CP Tremain3-1414.66--91-
DR Sams3-1615.33--61-
CH Morris2-914.5--71-
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Sydney ThunderWinner
3/97 2nd innings

UT Khawajarun out (†Inglis)2222-1-100
AD Halesc Kelly b Fawad Ahmed4727-42174.07
CJ Fergusonnot out910---90
AI Rossb Richardson66-1-100
CH Morrisnot out115-11220
Did not batG Sandhu, CP Tremain, JS Lenton, DR Sams, AJ Nair, JD Cook
Extras2 (1lb)
Total3/97 (11.4 overs, 8.31rpo)
JA Richardson3-1314.33--91-
M Morkel1-18-18---21
Fawad Ahmed3-1515--5--
M Kelly1.4-21-12.6--121
A Agar2-19-9.51-22-
MR Marsh1-10-10--1-1
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