Perth Scorchers SCO v HEA Brisbane HeatBig Bash League 2019 • Perth Stadium, Perth — 11 January 2020

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Perth ScorchersWinner
3/213 1st innings

JP Inglisc & b Lalor2814-6-200
LS Livingstonec Laughlin b Zahir Khan3931-32125.8
SM Whitemanc Burns b Laughlin46---66.66
MR Marshnot out9341-38226.82
CT Bancroftnot out4129--3141.37
Did not batFawad Ahmed, CJ Jordan, JS Paris, JA Richardson, TH David, C Green
Extras8 (2w, 1nb, 5lb)
Total3/213 (20 overs, 10.65rpo)
JL Pattinson4-52-13--462
JK Lalor4-3719.251-11-4
Zahir Khan4-3318.25--841
B Laughlin4-6011511225
BCJ Cutting4-26-6.5--5-1
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Brisbane Heat
8/179 2nd innings

T Bantonc & b Fawad Ahmed5532-72171.87
MA Bryantc Green b Richardson56-1-83.33
CA Lynnc Livingstone b Jordan149-11155.55
MT Renshawc Marsh b Paris12---50
JA Burnsb Jordan3727-12137.03
BCJ Cuttingc David b Paris2016-11125
JJ Peirsonb Richardson139-11144.44
JL Pattinsonrun out (David/†Inglis)116--1183.33
JK Lalornot out97-1-128.57
B Laughlinnot out96-1-150
Did not batZahir Khan
Extras5 (2w, 1nb, 5lb)
Total8/179 (20 overs, 8.95rpo)
JA Richardson4-3428.51-941
JS Paris4-2927.25--821
CJ Jordan4-442112-642
Fawad Ahmed4-3518.75--932
MR Marsh1-9-9--11-
LS Livingstone3-27-91-3-2
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