Marylebone Cricket Club MCC v PNM PanamaCentral American Cricket Championships 2019 • Reforma Athletic Club, Naucalpan — 27 April 2019

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10/97 1st innings

M Patelc Ponder b Smith1300033.33
M Sohel Patelc Balmford b Smith6800075
Imran Bulbulialbw b Smith2400050
Yusuf Ebrahimc McCabe b Smith85020160
A Natubhai Ahirb Lewis-Williams112902037.93
VD Chandrac †Jenkins b Atkins1200050
N Dipakkumar Patelc Atkins b Nadeem Khan172103080.95
DK Dahyabhai Ahirc Balmford b Lewis-Williams010000
P Bharat Patelc sub (CRG Vernon) b McCabe181902094.73
Vishal Ahirst †Jenkins b Hawley192502176
KB Ratilalnot out3400075
Extras11 (6w, 1nb, 4lb)
Total10/97 (20 overs, 4.85rpo)
SS Smith40204511000
R Atkins4024163-000
DE Lewis-Williams411223--000
M Nadeem Khan4012131-000
C McCabe301515--000
JA Hawley10101101-000

Marylebone Cricket ClubWinner
4/99 2nd innings

JA Hawleyc Patel b Yusuf Ebrahim3434040100
GWC Balmfordb Ratilal4900044.44
C McCabelbw b Imran Bulbulia2319040121.05
R Pandyanot out172900058.62
A Ponderlbw b Ratilal010000
SW Greennot out105020200
Did not batTE Jenkins, CRG Vernon, R Atkins, DE Lewis-Williams, SS Smith, M Nadeem Khan
Extras11 (6w, 1nb, 4lb)
Total4/99 (16.1 overs, 6.12rpo)
KB Ratilal401824.55-000
P Bharat Patel201105.5--000
N Dipakkumar Patel402005--000
Yusuf Ebrahim20914.51-000
Imran Bulbulia2018192-000
DK Dahyabhai Ahir10100101-000
Vishal Ahir108081-000
M Patel0.104024--000
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