Marylebone Cricket Club MCC v BLZ BelizeCentral American Cricket Championships 2019 • Reforma Athletic Club, Naucalpan — 29 April 2019

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Marylebone Cricket Club
9/137 1st innings

JA Hawleyc GG Banner b Muslar3731061119.35
GWC Balmfordc GG Banner b Reynold020000
C McCabec & b Garret Banner3524013145.83
R Atkinsc Hyde b Muslar3500060
SW Greenc & b Garret Banner5800062.5
TE Jenkinsc †Young b Muslar4700057.14
SS Smithb Flowers71200058.33
CRG Vernonc Garret Banner b Hyde2600033.33
DE Lewis-Williamsnot out3118032172.22
K Ahmedrun out (Garret Banner)2400050
M Nadeem Khannot out2400050
Extras9 (6w, 1nb, 2lb)
Total9/137 (20 overs, 6.85rpo)
KA Reynolds4055013.752-000
GA Reynold3024181-000
AK Muslar401934.75--000
Garret Banner401523.752-000
GM Hyde301113.66--000
KK Flowers201115.511000

5/138 2nd innings

AK Muslarst †Jenkins b Nadeem Khan202403083.33
AA Bannerc Ahmed b Vernon5352044101.92
GG Bannerc McCabe b Balmford3119033163.15
BS Stephensonb Balmford040000
KJ Youngnot out108000125
GA Reynoldc Balmford b Vernon1200050
KA Reynoldsnot out31000300
Did not batKK Flowers, HH Banner, Garret Banner, GM Hyde
Extras20 (6w, 1nb, 2lb)
Total5/138 (18.2 overs, 7.52rpo)
SS Smith402907.252-000
R Atkins3.202106.31-000
M Nadeem Khan301615.33--000
DE Lewis-Williams402305.75--000
C McCabe10190191-000
CRG Vernon2012261-000
GWC Balmford10525--000
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