Mexico MEX v CRC Costa RicaCentral American Cricket Championships 2019 • Reforma Athletic Club, Naucalpan — 26 April 2019

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Costa Rica
7/133 1st innings

J Cutinhoc Shetty b Chandran4640032115
G Muralist †Ahuja b Sathya142101066.66
Nanda Kumarb Inampud3929032134.48
S Ravikumarb Shetty040000
S Pillaic Ankad b Zargar5900055.55
S Muraric Shetty b Zargar1611020145.45
C Prasadrun out (Sathya/†Ahuja)040000
O Sam Arthurnot out000000
Zain ul Tashnamnot out62010300
Did not batD Mejia, O Fournier
Extras7 (2w, 3lb, 2b)
Total7/133 (20 overs, 6.65rpo)
RK Inampud40912.25--000
R Ankad302608.66--000
NK Shetty402516.25--000
A Sathya402315.751-000
P Chandran2023111.5--000
S Zargar302227.331-000

7/134 2nd innings

KK Ahujalbw b Pillai2700028.57
Tarun Sharmac †Murali b Zain ul Tashnam1816011112.5
P Chandranc Fournier b Pillai020000
J Umanathc Ravikumar b Pillai101400171.42
A Sathyac Fournier b Sam Arthur3027021111.11
R Ankadnot out4038060105.26
RK Inampudc Ravikumar b Murari3400075
Shahzad Muhammadrun out (†Murali)147011200
P Aroranot out61001600
Did not batNK Shetty, S Zargar
Extras11 (2w, 3lb, 2b)
Total7/134 (19.2 overs, 6.93rpo)
Zain ul Tashnam411914.753-000
S Pillai401433.5--000
O Sam Arthur3038112.66--000
S Murari402215.5--000
S Ravikumar1.2016012--000
D Mejia10707--000
C Prasad2012062-000
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