Mountaineers MOU v MWR Mid West RhinosDomestic Twenty20 Competition 2019 • Old Hararians, Harare — 11 March 2019

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Mid West RhinosWinner
4/219 1st innings

PJ Moorc Tiripano b Chatara17101730170
SF Mirec Maruma b Tiripano1095482411201.85
V Sibandac Kasuza b Chatara55395523141.02
RP Burlnot out1492001155.55
AJ Moorc †Mutizwa b Chatara032000
N Madzivanot out156811250
Did not batMT Chinouya, PS Masvaure, TS Chisoro, KM Jarvis, B Mavuta
Extras9 (7w, 1nb, 1lb)
Total4/219 (20 overs, 10.95rpo)
WP Masakadza402706.75--000
TL Chatara401533.751-000
DT Tiripano4047111.7511000
SW Masakadza30390133-000
N Mushangwe2034017--000
R Kaia10210212-000
I Kaia2035017.5--000

6/205 2nd innings

KT Kasuzac Burl b Chinouya18172811105.88
I Kaiac Mire b Jarvis024000
T Marumac Sibanda b Chisoro15151930100
R Kaiarun out (Sibanda)53344363155.88
F Mutizwac †PJ Moor b Chisoro58354944165.71
SW Masakadzab Chinouya1281211150
N Mushangwenot out2281022275
TE Tsiganot out134830325
Did not batDT Tiripano, TL Chatara, WP Masakadza
Extras14 (7w, 1nb, 1lb)
Total6/205 (20 overs, 10.25rpo)
TS Chisoro4024261-000
KM Jarvis403518.7511000
N Madziva3044014.6622000
MT Chinouya403829.5--000
B Mavuta4040010--000
RP Burl1018018--000
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