Australia Women AUS-W v IND-W India WomenICC Women's T20 World Cup 2020 • Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne — 08 March 2020

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Australia WomenWinner
4/184 1st innings

AJ Healyc Krishnamurthy b Yadav7539-75192.3
BL Mooneynot out7854-10-144.44
MM Lanningc Pandey b Sharma1615-2-106.66
A Gardnerst †Bhatia b Sharma23---66.66
RL Haynesb Poonam Yadav45---80
NJ Careynot out55-1-100
Did not batDM Kimmince, JL Jonassen, ML Schutt, S Molineux, G Wareham
Extras4 (2w, 1nb, 1b)
Total4/184 (20 overs, 9.2rpo)
DB Sharma4-3829.5--76-
S Pandey4-52-13--663
RS Gayakwad4-29-7.25--1222
Poonam Yadav4-3017.52-52-
RP Yadav4-3418.5-164-
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India Women
10/99 2nd innings

Shafali Vermac †Healy b Schutt23---66.66
S Mandhanac Carey b Molineux118-2-137.5
T Bhatiaretired hurt24---50
JI Rodriguesc Carey b Jonassen-2----
H Kaurc Gardner b Jonassen47-1-57.14
DB Sharmac Mooney b Carey3335-2-94.28
V Krishnamurthyc Jonassen b Kimmince1924-1-79.16
Richa Ghoshc Carey b Schutt1818-2-100
S Pandeyc Mooney b Schutt24---50
RP Yadavc Mooney b Jonassen12---50
Poonam Yadavc Gardner b Schutt15---20
RS Gayakwadnot out13---33.33
Extras5 (2w, 1nb, 1b)
Total10/99 (19.1 overs, 5.16rpo)
ML Schutt3.1-1845.681-123-
JL Jonassen4-20352-111-
S Molineux4-2115.25--102-
DM Kimmince4-1714.251-121-
NJ Carey4-2315.75--71-
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