Bahrain Bah v Mald MaldivesACC Western Region T20 2019 • Al Amerat Cricket Ground Oman Cricket (Ministry Turf 1), Al Amarat — 21 January 2019

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4/141 1st innings

Umar Adamc Imran Anwar b Tahir Dar242503096
Ahmed Hassanc Anasim Khan b Imran Anwar118020137.5
Mohamed Rishwanc Tahir Dar b Babar Ali5452032103.84
Hassan Rasheedc Babar Ali b Imran Anwar2219030115.78
Ameel Mauroofnot out1512010125
Mohamed Azzamnot out125020240
Did not batMohamed Mahfooz, Ibrahim Nashath, S Saeed, Ibrahim Hassan, Muawiyath Ghanee
Extras3 (1w, 1nb, 1b)
Total4/141 (20 overs, 7.05rpo)
Imran Anwar402426-1000
Qasim Zia302508.331-000
Anasim Khan402305.75--000
Tahir Dar402115.25--000
Sarfaraz Ali302809.33--000
Babar Ali201919.5--000

8/142 2nd innings

Imran Ali Buttb Ibrahim Hassan020000
Sarfaraz Alic †Mohamed Azzam b Ameel Mauroof5935054168.57
Shahbaz Badarlbw b Ibrahim Hassan020000
Fiaz Ahmedc & b Ibrahim Hassan010000
Adil Hanifb Ibrahim Hassan81201066.66
Tahir Darc †Mohamed Azzam b Mohamed Mahfooz101701058.82
Anasim Khanc Ibrahim Nashath b Ibrahim Hassan2218010122.22
Ammad Uddinc †Mohamed Azzam b Ameel Mauroof147011200
Imran Anwarnot out161701094.11
Qasim Zianot out41010400
Did not batBabar Ali
Extras9 (1w, 1nb, 1b)
Total8/142 (18.4 overs, 7.6rpo)
Ibrahim Hassan3.402456.541-000
S Saeed20200101-000
Ameel Mauroof402927.253-000
Mohamed Mahfooz402416--000
Ibrahim Nashath3031010.33--000
Ahmed Hassan201306.52-000
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