Lahore Blues LHB v FAT FATA RegionNational T20 Cup 2018 • Multan Cricket Stadium, Multan — 20 December 2018

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FATA Region
9/140 1st innings

Mukhtar Ahmedc Saad Nasim b Mohammad Irfan1820201190
Sohail Aktharb Waqas Ahmed(2)39274832144.44
Rehan Afridirun out034000
Samiullahc Agha Salman b Waqas Ahmed(2)2025411080
Adil Aminc Rizwan Hussain b Hussain Talat13111310118.18
Khushdil Shahrun out913360069.23
Asad Afridic Bilal Khan b Hussain Talat25162712156.25
Asif Afridic Saad Nasim b Hussain Talat1350033.33
Mohammad Irfanrun out11400100
Nasir Ahmednot out012000
Did not batUsama Mir
Extras14 (8w, 2lb, 4b)
Total9/140 (20 overs, 7rpo)
Mohammad Irfan401614--000
Aizaz Cheema403809.53-000
Raza Ali Dar1013013--000
Waqas Ahmed402726.75--000
Saad Nasim301806--000
Hussain Talat402235.51-000

Lahore BluesWinner
1/141 2nd innings

Nauman Anwarc Nasir Ahmed b Khushdil Shah34274142125.92
Rizwan Hussainnot out685484100125.92
Hussain Talatnot out35294211120.68
Did not batAizaz Cheema, Raza Ali Dar, Saad Nasim, Waqas Ahmed, Mohammad Irfan, Jaahid Ali, Agha Salman, Bilal Khan
Extras4 (8w, 2lb, 4b)
Total1/141 (18.1 overs, 7.76rpo)
Nasir Ahmed402305.75--000
Asad Afridi20260131-000
Asif Afridi201407-1000
Adil Amin201708.5--000
Usama Mir3.101805.68--000
Khushdil Shah201718.51-000
Mohammad Irfan302508.33--000
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