Nottinghamshire Outlaws NOT v DUR Durham DynamosTwenty20 Cup (England) 2019 • Trent Bridge, Nottingham — 31 August 2019

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Durham DynamosWinner
8/171 1st innings

Scott Steelc Libby b Christian45242453187.5
DJM Shortc Hales b Christian36253442144
Harry Adairc Duckett b Christian91117--81.81
BA Rainec Imad Wasim b Carter4915--44.44
PSP Handscombc Duckett b Carter201415-1142.85
G Clarkc Hales b Gurney41242913170.83
GJ Harteb Imad Wasim157--20
L Trevaskisc Christian b Fletcher4812--50
WJ Weighellnot out-16---
Matty Pottsnot out--1---
Did not batNJ Rimmington
Extras11 (7w, 2nb, 2b)
Total8/171 (20 overs, 8.55rpo)
M Carter4-3729.25--1114
Imad Wasim4-2516.251-113-
HF Gurney3-391132-733
LJ Fletcher2-1919.51-33-
DT Christian3-2638.66317-1
SR Patel4-23-5.75--9-1
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Nottinghamshire Outlaws
10/124 2nd innings

JM Clarkec Harte b Trevaskis133--33.33
AD Halesb Rimmington812161-66.66
BM Duckettc Raine b Trevaskis1771012242.85
JD Libbyb Rimmington2622293-118.18
SR Patelc †Handscomb b Harte21141821150
TJ Mooresc Clark b Potts33263211126.92
DT Christianc Adair b Potts3510--60
Imad Wasimb Rimmington77111-100
LJ Fletcherc Clark b Short4710--57.14
M Carterc Rimmington b Short-14---
HF Gurneynot out--1---
Extras4 (7w, 2nb, 2b)
Total10/124 (17.2 overs, 7.15rpo)
L Trevaskis2-20210--512
Matty Potts4-1824.5--101-
NJ Rimmington3-15352-81-
WJ Weighell1-10-101-32-
Scott Steel3-30-10--312
DJM Short2.2-1928.14--53-
GJ Harte2-1115.5--2--
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