Belgium BEL v IOM Isle of ManICC World Twenty20 Europe Region Qualifier B 2018 • VRA Ground, Amstelveen — 29 August 2018

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Isle of Man
4/121 1st innings

A McAuleyc Mamoon Latif b Ashiqullah Said81901042.1
N Knightsb Ashiqullah Said1400025
EF Beardc Sheraz Sheikh b Waqas Ali173000056.66
D Knivetonc †Raza b Aziz Mohammad303400088.23
OJ Websternot out4233021127.27
G Burrowsnot out32000150
Did not batMJ Ansell, S Mills, N White, K Cawte, CJ Langford
Extras20 (8w, 2nb, 9lb, 1b)
Total4/121 (20 overs, 6.05rpo)
F Khaliq4024064-000
Ashiqullah Said401323.2512000
Aziz Mohammad402616.51-000
Sheraz Sheikh402907.251-000
Waqas Ali401914.75--000

7/122 2nd innings

A Razab Langford1210010120
Aziz Mohammadc Ansell b Langford1717020100
S Jamilc Kniveton b White6901066.66
Abdul Rashidrun out (Ansell/†Burrows)131700176.47
Ashiqullah Saidc †G Burrows b Cawte121401085.71
Shaheryar Buttb Mills5700071.42
F Khaliqnot out2321000109.52
Mamoon Latifc Knights b White1514001107.14
Saber Zakhilnot out81000080
Did not batSheraz Sheikh, Waqas Ali
Extras11 (8w, 2nb, 9lb, 1b)
Total7/122 (19.4 overs, 6.2rpo)
MJ Ansell401904.75--000
K Cawte3.403619.811-000
CJ Langford401824.51-000
N White402125.2511000
S Mills402215.51-000
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