France FRA v GER GermanyICC World Twenty20 Europe Region Qualifier A 2018 • Sportpark Maarschalkerweerd, Utrecht — 30 August 2018

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4/207 1st innings

D Westonb Mobashar Ashraf7054071129.62
Mudassar Muhammadc Parvady b Paul Alam7850071156
A Sarmac †Ammar Zahir b Benoit1813000138.46
Abdul-Shakoor Rahimzeic Noman Naeem b Mobashar Ashraf83001266.66
R Pillainot out1200050
Asad Mohammadnot out82001400
Did not batIzatullah Dawlatzai, H Singh, Sajid Liaqat, Ahmed Wardak, Talha Khan
Extras24 (12w, 4nb, 7lb, 1b)
Total4/207 (20 overs, 10.35rpo)
Noman Amjad403809.5-2000
D Benoit403819.54-000
Shahzeb Mohammed201105.5--000
Riyas Bazirhak2021010.51-000
Mobashar Ashraf3036212-1000
Noman Naeem2027013.52-000
Paul Alam302819.3331000

5/87 2nd innings

Noman Naeemlbw b Talha Khan122201054.54
Noman Amjadrun out (Singh/†Weston)323903082.05
JL Lambourdiereb Abdul-Shakoor Rahimzei91600056.25
S Parvadynot out91600056.25
Paul Alamc Abdul-Shakoor Rahimzei b Sajid Liaqat111301084.61
D Benoitb Izatullah Dawlatzai21300015.38
Riyas Bazirhaknot out11000100
Did not batAmmar Zahir, Shahzeb Mohammed, D Amirdalingame, Mobashar Ashraf
Extras11 (12w, 4nb, 7lb, 1b)
Total5/87 (20 overs, 4.35rpo)
Izatullah Dawlatzai40912.251-000
Abdul-Shakoor Rahimzei401814.5--000
Ahmed Wardak401904.751-000
Sajid Liaqat401614--000
Talha Khan20512.5--000
Asad Mohammad201105.5--000
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