Fiji FIJ v SAM SamoaICC World Twenty20 East Asia-Pacific Region Qualifier A 2018 • Albert Park 2, Suva — 29 August 2018

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6/163 1st innings

M Beitakic DP Michael b Solia91660114137.87
J Veikauyakic Mailata b DP Michael118001137.5
S Tuitogac Solia b DP Michael151903078.94
SM Tupoulbw b Mailata61000060
PV Vuniwaqast †Kaisala b Mailata137011185.71
MB Gaunanot out196031316.66
KSB Tavoc & b Solia2300066.66
S Ravokanot out1200050
Did not batV Yabaki, T Tavo, Riyad Khan
Extras5 (2w, 1nb, 2lb)
Total6/163 (20 overs, 8.15rpo)
F Vaaetasi201909.5--000
SM Solia411423.51-000
DP Michael302628.66-1000
U Sofi10909--000
L Evile201608--000
DE Burgess2021010.5--000
BF Mailata302026.66--000
AJ Michael30360121-000

1/165 2nd innings

DP Michaelnot out10062087161.29
DE Burgessc Ravoka b Vuniwaqa3928060139.28
BF Mailatanot out2211021200
Did not batUT Kaisala, N Vaasili, F Sapatu, SM Solia, F Vaaetasi, U Sofi, L Evile, AJ Michael
Extras4 (2w, 1nb, 2lb)
Total1/165 (16.3 overs, 10rpo)
T Tavo403609--000
KSB Tavo2.3030012--000
V Yabaki402305.751-000
Riyad Khan3034011.331-000
S Ravoka1022022-2000
SM Tupou1012012--000
PV Vuniwaqa10818--000
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