Fiji FIJ v VAN VanuatuICC World Twenty20 East Asia-Pacific Region Qualifier A 2018 • Albert Park 2, Suva — 28 August 2018

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8/158 1st innings

J Dunnc KSB Tavo b Riyad Khan2319031121.05
J Rasuc Beitaki b KSB Tavo91530123171.69
PK Matautaavac KSB Tavo b Riyad Khan2312040191.66
N Nipikob Kida3400075
C Tommylbw b T Tavo2900022.22
A Mansalerun out (Ravoka)010000
R Tarist †Veikauyaki b Yabaki040000
J Virab KSB Tavo111401078.57
JW Chilianot out1300033.33
AL Stephennot out11000100
Did not batCC Blake
Extras3 (1w, 2lb)
Total8/158 (20 overs, 7.9rpo)
T Tavo403518.751-000
KSB Tavo402125.25--000
V Yabaki402917.25--000
Riyad Khan403328.25--000
J Kida403819.5--000

9/121 2nd innings

M Beitakic & b Mansale2721040128.57
J Veikauyakic †Vira b Blake2424021100
MB Gaunalbw b Blake22000100
SM Tupouc Tommy b Mansale109001111.11
PV Vuniwaqac †Vira b Mansale1500020
J Kidalbw b Chilia010000
S Ravokac Stephen b Chilia030000
KSB Tavoc Stephen b Blake51300038.46
V Yabakic Mansale b Blake2623003113.04
Riyad Khannot out1413020107.69
T Tavonot out1600016.66
Extras11 (1w, 2lb)
Total9/121 (20 overs, 6.05rpo)
JW Chilia411924.751-000
PK Matautaava4028072-000
AL Stephen302909.66--000
CC Blake401042.51-000
A Mansale402837--000
N Nipiko11000--000
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